NeoEngine Georgia Title Loans Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is a title loan?

A secured loan in which the vehicle title serves as collateral for the loan.

Can I still keep my car?

Yes you will keep your car during the duration of the loan.

What are the interest rates for a title loan?

Interest loans vary from 10% to 25%, generally speaking.

Do I qualify for a title loan?

If you own a vehicle and possess the title, you qualify for a title loan.

What are some other names for a title loan?

Title loans are also known as car title loans, car title pawns, or pink slip loans.

Do I need a credit check to get a title loan?

If the loan is for less than $1,000, a credit check may be necessary, but generally speaking, no credit check is required to obtain a title loan.

What do I need in order to get a title loan?

In order to be approved for a title loan you will need valid id, the vehicle title, proof of employment, personal references, and a recent bill or piece of mail proving residence.

In what states are title loans legal?

Georgia, Arizona, Delaware, Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, California, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas.